Friday, October 30, 2015

Don't Throw It Away!

 This is my "beat up" table (top), I've had it so long I just couldn't part with it. I bought a box of self-stick tiles, green is my favorite color so I picked these tiles! They only cost me about $6.88/box (I only needed one box and still have more leftover!) Bottom picture shows the finished product...I am happy with the outcome...very happy! Enjoy!

Turkey Lasagna (No Ricotta)

This is my Turkey Lasagna, I made it without Ricotta Cheese for those who are not a fan of it. I use several cheeses...including CHEDDAR! This dish is a hit with or without the Ricotta Cheese! Enjoy!

For my Crab Leg Lovers!!! SALE!!!!

To all of you who love Crab Legs and have a Stop&Shop Supermarket near you...even if you don't, it will be worth the trip!

     Crab Legs are on sale now (10/30/15) until (Drum Roll) December 31st!!! That's RIGHT for $5.99lb. You can have Crab Legs from now until you say when! If you have a deep freezer, you're really in business!! Enjoy!

Don't Throw It Away!

 This my "old" sofa. I didn't want to throw it out when I moved because, well basically...I needed it!
I researched a product called "Surefit" and let me tell fits! (Bottom picture). I love the color change and how it "hugs" my sofa so well! The cost of these can be expensive but being the very frugal shopper that I am, I bought this one for $39. Shop around before you buy, there are fakes and there are a lot of websites you can order from and save money! Enjoy!

Deliciously fried fish, shrimp and chips with my very own Cayenne Pepper Tartar Sauce!

Fried (Porgy) with Fried Shrimp and my very own home made Cayenne Pepper Tartar Sauce! Enjoy!

Shrimp and Broccoli

Here's a simple but tasty Shrimp and Broccoli and the ingredients I use! Enjoy!

*For salt conscious people, you don't need to use salt for this dish. Soy Sauce has enough salt...use sparingly.