Monday, March 10, 2014

Fried Apple Pies

      For as far back as I can remember, I have always had a deep connection with food. I also found myself as an adult, battling the bulge. I lost over 140 pounds in my adult years and have kept it off for 13 years now. My past nor my future has stopped my love for food, more specifically COOKING. At age 8, I started cooking. FINALLY my passion fulfilled and the realization that I was actually preparing something that maybe, just maybe would taste good and someone would like. I started off cooking for myself and my brother, just small things to "get my feet wet." Then came, THE BIG DAY! The day, at age 13 when I cooked and entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family! What an amazing day, what an honor, what a surprise to see people enjoy what I have made.
     I didn't go to school for cooking nor did I read a "fancy" book. I was simply a little girl of West Indian and Hispanic decent, who sat in her mom's kitchen, grandmother's kitchen and aunt's kitchen in awe and amazement of the smells and sounds of cooking. Often I wondered of the day it would be "my turn", my turn to stir the pot or add the spices!. As I became a teenager and onto young adulthood, I found myself taking control of every kitchen I stepped into.
    I made every holiday dinner every year and demanded that my mom not lift a finger. As acquaintances became friends, they too became victims of my "need" for cooking. I watched for years as the women in my young life cooked for our family. From the simplest dishes to the elaborate settings during the holidays. As I grew older and had children of my own was the greatest feeling ever! I thought, now I can take some of what I observed in those kitchens so long ago, add my own twists and start a new legacy. 
    During my time on this blog, for however long it may be. I will post pictures of some of my tasty meals and snacks and what inspired me to make them. If anyone reading this would like a recipe, please contact me directly. I am more than happy to help.  Some of the pictures you will see are of traditional West Indian and Spanish (decent). These dishes are also inspired by me trying new things, adding different styles and flavors to already existing recipes. I have a passion for "soul food" and seafood and I use these in many of my dishes. So, let's get started with the tasty pictures I promised. 
Let's start with dessert! 
These are Fried (or baked) Apple Pies, they are a hit anytime and can be frozen to cook later. I sprinkled powdered sugar and cinnamon on top. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Brookie you know I LOVEEEE to eat and I will be a follower for sure.. Keep posting the Good Eats.... Aunt Duana