Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Seafood SALE!!

For all of my Seafood Heads (like me) out there, check this out!

Grab your ShopRite card!! They have canned Salmon for $1.99 until Saturday, December 12th!!

Now...ShopRite and Stop & Shop BOTH have Crab legs $5.99lb. ShopRite's sale is over on Saturday, December 12th, while Stop & Shop's sale is over December 31st!!! If you don't have a ShopRite or Stop & Shop Card, sign up for one or ask the cashier for a courtesy!

Last but not least...Stop & Shop has Panko Breaded JUMBO shrimp for $7.49!!! There are OVER 50 shrimp in this package and you could bake or fry them! Reg. price $15! What a savings! Here's the REALLY good part, they are on sale until (((drum roll)))...February 11th, 2016!!!!!!!!
Catch those sales!! Enjoy!

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