Thursday, December 31, 2015

They're Back! Only $4.99lb.

Shoprite has Crab legs for $4.99lb. ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!  Sale ends 1/2/16

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stuffed French Toast (Apple)

Ingredients, I made 3 so I used 3 eggs

Mix ingredients (use 6 slices of bread)

I sauteed some apples with Brown sugar and cinnamon (you can use store bought) Let cool completely!

Heat a skillet with a pat of butter

Add filling to bread (like a sandwich)

Add the top slice

Dip both sides in mixture (don't forget the edges)

Ready for the skillet
Brown both sides of the stuffed french toast

I like to finish them off in the oven (5-10 minutes)

Add a little powered sugar (or omit the sugar)

Time to eat!!
Hope that you'll enjoy this recipe! You an also use a thicker bread, make a "pocket" and stuff your filling.
Any questions, leave a comment

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Seafood SALE!!

For all of my Seafood Heads (like me) out there, check this out!

Grab your ShopRite card!! They have canned Salmon for $1.99 until Saturday, December 12th!!

Now...ShopRite and Stop & Shop BOTH have Crab legs $5.99lb. ShopRite's sale is over on Saturday, December 12th, while Stop & Shop's sale is over December 31st!!! If you don't have a ShopRite or Stop & Shop Card, sign up for one or ask the cashier for a courtesy!

Last but not least...Stop & Shop has Panko Breaded JUMBO shrimp for $7.49!!! There are OVER 50 shrimp in this package and you could bake or fry them! Reg. price $15! What a savings! Here's the REALLY good part, they are on sale until (((drum roll)))...February 11th, 2016!!!!!!!!
Catch those sales!! Enjoy!